What are some things I should do to prepare my home for a hurricane?

Well, the number 1 thing to do is to make sure to have your homeowners insurance all set up and ready long before a hurricane is on the horizon, because as soon as a hurricane is spotted coming toward our area, most all insurance companies will place binding restrictions on their agents; so buying a last minute policy is not a good idea.

After that, here are a couple of useful tips from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) on how to prepare your home for the coming storm.

To start you should build an emergency kit full of the essentials. You should have a working knowledge of the following: your surroundings, and what the elevation your property is, in case of a flood. (Visit our Flood Insurance page to learn more about Flood Insurance and to get a quote) Make sure to cover your windows as they can easily break in a storm and become a saftey hazard to those inside the home. It is recommended that you use permanent storm shutters for the best protection. You can also board up the windows with (pre-cut and fitted) 5/8″ marine plywood. Be sure that the trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed because while that does add some nice cosmetics, it also will make them more wind resistant. Take some time to clear out loose and clogged rain gutters and down spouts so the excess rain caused by the storm will be able to easily flow away from your home. Bring any and all of your outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans, and any thing else inside so they do not become hazards to you or your home when the heavy winds move in. It is advisable to have an emergency backup generator handy in the event that you lose power during the storm.

I hope these tips help in preparing your home for a hurricane. For more info on how to prepare your home and suggestions on what to do after a hurricane, check out ready.gov/hurricanes. If you do not yet have home or flood insurance, or you are looking to save money without compromising coverage click here to get a free, no obligations quote for these and any of your other insurance needs.

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