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Our Approach

We are a Christian family owned and operated agency.  We are committed to treating you the way we would want you to treat us.  We believe that if we do the right thing the money will follow.  This is why we will not try to sell you a policy that is not in your best interest.  All of our agents are on salary and are not having to sell a policy in order to get paid a commission.  We will take the time to answer all your questions and if we find that you are better served with your current policy, we will advise you to stay put and re-quote you at your next renewal.


Our Story

My son Michael and I were both Allstate agents when we decided that we wanted to give our insureds more options then the take it or leave it, sorry we can only write with Allstate.  This led us on a quest to open our own independent agency.  We were able to join the  Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA) which is the largest alliance of independent insurance  agencies in the country.  Our association with SIAA allows us to have access to a multitude of large  companies such as Travelers, The Hartford, Nationwide, and many, many more. We opened the Theiss Insurance Agency in December of 2013 and have never looked back!



Meet the Team

Agency 076

Steven Theiss

Agency Owner


Steven enjoys spending time hanging out with his family, reading the Bible, playing guitar at church, and taking long walks on the Beach!

Agency 444

Denise Theiss



Denise always has a smile and a kind word of encouragement to those around her.  Denise loves to dance, sing, laugh, make fresh milled bread, read the Bible, and hang out with her family!

Agency 084

Michael Theiss



I enjoy playing the keyboards and recording music, swimming, walking, eating healthy, reading the Bible, learning to speak German, and spending time with my family!

Agency 067

Peter Theiss



Peter is nicknamed the Professor as he has an insatiable appetite to learn new things.  Peter enjoys listening to good music especially Owl City, studying theology, and staying on top of current events.  He, too, enjoys hanging out with his family!

Agency 062

Andrew Theiss

Andrew enjoys computer and video games (we think he may have missed his calling of being a new video game tester).  Andrew also enjoys taking walks, spending time outside taking in creation, reading the Bible, and spending time hanging out with his family!

Ian 2000-1500

Ian Phillips

Ian has been a long term friend / adopted son & brother to the Theiss family.  Ian enjoys all things military, video games, reading the Bible, and hanging out with his family, and his adopted family!

Agency 071

Rachel Phillips

Rachel has a passion for drawing and creating art, reading, playing thinking games like chess, studying the scriptures, baking very tasty desserts, and hanging out with her family.

Danielle 2-1

Danielle Holmes

When I am not home working on crafts or house projects you can find me at Disney World riding the rides or walking around the world in Epcot to enjoy the flavors of the different countries. Most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and friends daily.














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